Is the app free?
Downloading the app from the app-store is free, the high-resolution pictures might cost money depend on the resort you're visiting. In anyway, you'll have to approve purchasing before paying for the pictures.

How much it cost to get high resolution photos?
The product cost depends on the ski resort you're visiting, in the app side-menu you can find the different products and costs.

How do I pay?

You can buy voucher that can be scanned by the app in the skipass office or pay with credit card through the app.

Do Ski-Pic have access to my credit card details?

No, the credit card clearing is being done by via payment gateway, we just receive a confirmation.

Do you post my pictures in the network?

No, we do not use your pictures in any way unless you post your picture in our Facebook account. We work according to the Italian Privacy law. For more info please read our Terms of Use & Privacy.

Do I need to be with open app?

The app has to work in the background.

Do I have to be with open GPS?

The consent of in-app usage of the GPS is necessary for our ability to match you your pictures. The GPS has to be in "Always" mode in iPhones & in "High accuracy & precise location" in Android. Don't worry, we use a sophisticated algorithm to save battery and using the self-location only in proximity to Ski-Pic camera locations.

Do we transfer any personal data to a 3rd party?

We might transfer your e-mail and phone number to a 3rd party according to the Privacy & Terms of Use.

How do I get pictures?

In order to get pictures, the following things has to happen:

  • You have to be with the phone on you, with the app open in the background of the phone & with GPS in "Always" mode in iPhones & in "High accuracy & precise location" in Android.

  • You have to ski from the center of the slope from the place you see our flags toward the Camera (it's marked as well).

  • The phone data has to be sent to our server so you have to be connected to 3G/LTE or WiFi.

  • You should receive a Sample pictures to your phone (takes about 15 minutes), again you have to be connected to 3G/LTE or WiFi, then you have to choose the pictures that you want and order it.

  • To receive the high-resolution pictures, you have to be connected to 3G/LTE or WiFi.

For any additional question please contact as:

Why do I need to be with GPS in "Always" mode in iPhones & in "High accuracy & precise location" in Android?

This is one part of our matching system, without it you won't get any pictures. We do not use it to any other purpose & it's not being transferred to any 3rd party. For more info please read our Privacy and Terms of Use.

Can I choose pictures from the samples I've got later?

You have 24 hours before we delete pictures that were not chosen.

Why do I need to put my phone number and email?

This is our way to verify that this is really your phone and to communicate with you. Without correct email & phone number we will not be able to help you if needed, we won't be able to recognize you.

Can I restore my pictures?

If you insert a correct phone number & email you can go to the "Log-In" tab in the website and restore your pictures, for any other assistance please contact